About Us

Hoosier Wheel Daddy offers new Classified Ad Website to Help Automotive Enthusiasts to Resale New and Used Custom Rims.
Hoosier Wheel Daddy is a new classified ad website in that is specifically designed to support clients in reselling their new and used custom rims such as Akuza, Advanti, American Racing, Dubs, stereos, center caps, custom grilles, and other aftermarket automobile parts and accessories. The company doesn’t have a physical office since it’s an exclusive online business aiming to provide cost efficient classified ad services to clients nationwide.
With classified ads targeted to help automotive enthusiasts resell their items, the platforms cost effectively guarantees that registered members will have everything they need in order to make sales in no time.

They can simply enlist their custom rims, grills, center caps, and other vehicles parts available for sale while taking advantage of convenient selling process. Registration is for free and more and more members are experiencing greater profitability through Hoosier Wheel Daddy.
Whether the parts to be sold are interior accessories, lights, exterior components, rims and wheels, audio, car speakers, or the whole auto body, this platform ensures quick reselling results. The website offers different categories to choose from in order to make the process much easier for the members. In addition, the online platform provides tabs like new arrivals, most popular, most viewed and featured listings to facilitate the entire procedure.
As Florida’s highly reputable website targeted to offer convenient classified ad solutions to members, it makes auto part reselling more enjoyable while benefiting from exclusive features that only this site provides the online marketplace. By offering a central location for selling new and used aftermarket vehicle parts and accessories, members can make money in just a snap. In fact, they are able to purchase new cars after making money out of their old vehicles.
“We provide a place to sell your new, gently used aftermarket automobile accessories. You can sell them on Hoosier Wheel Daddy and use that money to purchase your next new set of custom rims, stereo system, and even headrest monitors,” suggested by Hoosier Wheel Daddy.

“Hoosier Wheel Daddy is a classified ad website for custom wheels and tires, grilles and other automotive accessories. If you have a discontinued model of custom rims, there is someone out there looking for a replacement or spare rim. List your unused rims, that are sitting in the corner of your garage, collecting dust and purchase a new set so you can be styling this summer,” they added.
One of the most important advantages of having this site is that, people don’t have to pay expensive fees for storage units just to keep their used car parts in place. With Hoosier Wheel Daddy, they can unload them and resell it quickly on the website without the hassles of traditional ad web services. In Florida, there is continuing demand for custom rims as people want to save money from buying new ones. Hence, they can simply buy rims and other car accessories from Hoosier and enjoy greater savings.
Through smart management of used auto components, members can make money and get their dream vehicle. The garage is not actually a place to store unnecessary stuffs like auto accessories. It should be a place for keeping cars that are used frequently. Now, with this online platform, car owners in Florida can keep their homes tidy while enjoying more spacious garages. By selling unwanted vehicle accessories, they can generate extra income to meet daily needs.
“Why pay for a storage unit, when you can unload your used auto parts here. Make some room for your car in the garage. Sell your unwanted auto parts and accessories on Hoosier Wheel Daddy.

Meanwhile, basic classified ads will be free of charge within 15 days to help members easily start selling on the web. The process is simple, they just need to list their custom rims, tires, wheels, grilles, and other unwanted vehicle parts for sale on the site and get buyers.
With free classified as service for the first fifteen days, members can now enlist their for-sale items immediately to start earning money. By choosing Hoosier Wheel Daddy, registered member are given more advantages when it comes to selling their new and unused car parts with hassle-free system in Florida.